Our 4 "C" Process is built on excellent COMMUNICATION


It’s no secret that good communication is the most important ingredient in a Homeowner’s successful remodeling experience.

Miscommunication happens when information about the Homeowner’s needs, desires and wants don’t get adequately conveyed into the Design, Construction Drawings, Specifications and ultimately to the Construction Field Personnel.  One miscommunication can cost thousands of dollars to the Homeowner, lost production time and a delay in delivery of the finished project, and most importantly destroy trust between the Homeowner and the Builder. We avoid these problems by going through a series of steps we call the “4 C Phase Process” detailed below for every project.


#1 Concept

The first stage in Planning your custom project. We will discuss your short and long term plans for your home. We will discuss current design trends, materials and market conditions. We will discuss your needs, wants and desires for your home. We will evaluate any existing site conditions that may affect the potential designs and or project cost. We will also review the investment to insure that the project makes financial sense based on the surrounding neighborhood. 

Based on the specific conditions we will discuss some design options and the possible cost implications of each design. During the this phase we will put our ideas to paper and sketch 2-3 "Preliminary Design(s)" and "Preliminary Budget(s)".


#2 Cost Control

"VALUE ENGINEERING" is a systematic method to improve the "value" of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. Value, as defined, is the ratio of function to cost. Value can therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost".

We have saved our Clients hundred and thousands of dollars using our 30+ years of building experience of designing and building homes advising our Clients on the cost differences in Materials, Designs & Structural Engineering options. Moving a wall 1'-2' so that it lines up with a lower structural footing or the use of a certain window or flooring types can make major differences in construction cost. We have also helped our Clients use "phasing" as a way to plan for future improvements.


#3 Contract Documents

Based on our many discussions during the Concept & Cost Control phase(s) we will develop all of the Contract Documents including - Clearly written and detailed Specifications, Contract that includes (Start/Ending Date, Payment Schedule, Terms & Conditions and all California Legal Notices), Architectural Plans and Structural Engineering Plans. We will also procure all of the necessary approvals and permits. Our goal is that when we create the Contract Documents that the team of Client/Designer/Contractor all have the same vision at this stage thru clear communication while designing and budgeting phases.

#4 Construction

This is by far the easiest phase, only if all of the "Homework" has been completed during phase #1-#3. We build each project based on a published Schedule (that we share with our Clients), we keep a Daily Logs of activities during the project,  we Manage all of the Selections thru our 24/7 On-Line Communication system and manage any Warranty issues. We offer a 2 year cosmetic and 10 year structural warranty. 



We have built before and have never experienced a more PROFESSIONAL approach to designing, budgeting and building. Our home and family were treated with a “white glove” type service from our first meeting to the completion of the project. It’s refreshing to deal with a local company that really listens and understands. We loved working with Bob and his crews.
— Audrey L. Danville, CA
When we met Bob, one of his first questions was “ What is your Goal? ” He clearly listened to us to find out who we were and what we wanted. Our experience was one of a kind, his team engaged with us every step and made us feel like part of the  project. Our expectations were high and the team met and exceeded all of our expectations. A Contractor you can trust.
— Cliff H. Livermore, CA